Crohnically Fabulous



Bradley Wedding

"seeing Nate's face on the day of their wedding with a smile from ear to ear made all of us tear up"


Stager Wedding

"but after he "played" both of us....and she threw his necklace up in a tree - I knew we were meant to become friends!"

Mermaid Madness

"loves Ariel and The Little Mermaid, and also shares her birthday with her beloved dog, Bella"

Coates Wedding

"rustic wedding in a beautiful barn out in the country side"

Abrams Wedding

"truly such a great couple and they married on their college campus"

Dad’s 50th Birthday

"aged to perfection by family, friends, & a great mustache"

Cornell Wedding

"doubt the catering company liked getting the chocolate out of the table cloth and off the floor..."

Haldeman Wedding

"violin was played, the sun was shining, and her and Tim drank wine"

Giraffe Baby Shower Cake

"i loved the idea of the painted pattern"

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