Nathan & Cortney Bradley – December 3rd, 2016

I was very honored that my cousin & his fiancee (now wife!) asked me to do their wedding cake! From the moment Nate brought Cortney to a family get together the rest of the cousins and I all knew that he found his future wife. She put him in line, and let’s be honest – all Bradley men need a woman to put them in line! Cortney is a wonderful addition to our family and seeing Nate’s face on the day of their wedding with a smile from ear to ear made all of us tear up. They share such a raw form of true love and it’s so wonderful to see first hand.


This was my first winter wedding cake and I must say, I LOVED not having to worry about so many of the factors I do need to worry about in the summer! (Heat, sunshine, melting, etc.)  We went with red velvet cake with regular buttercream icing and I think it was a big hit! I was obsessed with the sled idea and it really made the perfect wintry feel. Cheers to Nate & Cortney on a beautiful & happy marriage! xoxo